Recordings of Events

New Video: A Christian Perspective on Death. This is the last session of a class series called “Thinking Through the Soul and Death. March, 2015

Audio: Difficult Subjects Made Interesting: Academic Teaching Demystified. Sarah Geis and Douglas Groothuis co-lead a Lewis Center seminar on teaching in February 2015. Download notes here: Teaching Seminar Outline

Audio: Critical Thinking for the Glory of GodThis is a 15-minute talk given at orientation for incoming Denver Seminary students. August, 2014

Video: Postmodernism and the Church Panel Discussion. The panel included Dr. Douglas Groothuis (who addressed postmodernism and apologetics), Dr. Larry Burtoft (a philosopher who addressed postmodernism and ethics), Dr. David Mathewson (New Testament scholar addressing postmodernism and biblical hermeneutics), and Sarah Geis (addressing postmodernism and knowledge). This was sponsored by Denver Seminary’s Gordon Lewis Center for Christian Thought and Culture, in November 2013.

Video: This is a superb and important lecture by Dr. Douglas Groothuis called “Spiritual Formation and the Life of the Mind.” Sarah Geis joins him for question/answer time, which begins about 36 minutes in. This was sponsored by Denver Seminary’s Gordon Lewis Center for Thought and Culture, and took place on February 3, 2014.

Audio: Examining Contemplative Prayer  (Radio Interview from 2013)

Sarah Geis, 2012

Sarah Geis, 2012

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