What is Truth?

A friend of mine and budding scholar, Ben Crenshaw, gives an outstanding explanation of the nature of truth. I highly recommend this little essay.

Ben R. Crenshaw

What is truth? Truth is a property that adheres to a proposition (the content of a sentence) if and only if the proposition corresponds to reality as it actually is. Propositions, as truth bearers, can be either true or false but they are not facts. Facts are neither true nor false; they just are. Facts are the standards by which the veracity of propositions are adjudicated. Nor are propositions sentences, which one philosopher defines as “a linguistic object consisting in a sense perceptible string of markings formed according to a culturally arbitrary set of syntactical rules, a grammatically well-formed string of spoken or written scratchings/sounds.” [1] Sentences would not be possible without propositions, but the two should not be conflated.

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